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Project Description

The SAB BizTalk Archiving Pipeline Component can be added to any stage of receive and send ports to archive processed messages to file locations.


The SAB BizTalk Archiving Pipeline Component has been developed to allow custom piplelines to be created that can archive messages at any stage of pipeline processing.

It works in both receive and send pipelines and will archive messages to file based on the configuration applied to the component in the BizTalk Administration Console.

The Archiving Pipeline Component has been coded for use with BizTalk Server 2010. Use with other versions of BizTalk has not been tested.

The Archiving Pipeline component is supplied as a dll file that should be placed in the BizTalk Server Pipeline Components folder. It can then be used when developing custom pipelines to be deployed as a part of your BizTalk Server applications.

This version of the component allows you to use a number of generic messaging macros and also a small number that are specific to the FILE or FTP adapters. It is intended to extend these macros to cover context properties from other adapters in future releases.

About the Author

Stuart Brierley has been working with BizTalk since late 2002, initially working with BizTalk 2000.  He has since designed, developed and implemented solutions using all major versions of BizTalk.

You can read his occasionaly updated geeky blog at

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